Choose your housing type:

The answer to this question depends on what type of tenant you are.

If your home isn't suitable for you and your family any more, or you need to move somewhere else, we may be able to help you move to another home.

You could either:

If you're having trouble moving around your home and it can't be adapted, you can ask to be transferred to another home. We'll do what we can to find you a home that will work better for you. Somewhere without stairs, for example.

If you want to move out of the area to be closer to family or friends, you'll need to speak to the local council in that area. They may not have any homes available immediately, so you might have to go on a waiting list.

If there's a serious issue with where you are now, please speak to your Housing Officer and we'll see how we can sort it out. If we can't, we may be able to organise a transfer to another home. 

If you want to move to another of our homes, speak to your accommodation office. We may be able to arrange it if we have something available.

If you want to rent another A2Dominion home, you'll have to give notice on your current home. To find out what else we have available, contact our Lettings team.

If there's an issue with where you're currently staying that's affecting your well-being, talk to someone at your A2Dominion accommodation office about it. If the problem is serious and moving will solve it, we'll do everything we can to help.

Most tenants can't transfer to a different home. However, this may be possible in some circumstances. Please speak to your Housing Officer to find out more.

If you're having an issue with any of your neighbours, we'll try to help you sort it out.