If your neighbour's pet is causing noise or damage, try and talk to your neighbour or write them a note. They don't know what you can hear in your home or how their pet is behaving when they're not there.

If you don't feel you can talk to them or if you feel threatened by them, speak to us.

If this is causing a serious problem for your household that you haven't been able to resolve with your neighbour, we'll talk to you and the pet owner to try and find a solution. If this doesn't work, we may:

  • Arrange for an independent mediator to help you sort out the issue yourselves.
  • Withdraw permission for them to keep the pet in their home.
  • Limit the number of animals they can keep.
  • Make them sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract to be a responsible pet owner.
  • Involve the RSPCA or the police.
  • Get an injunction (court order) to remove the animal or stop the owner from doing certain things.

Get more advice on dealing with nuisance caused by pets on the government website.