We know that moving house can be a hectic experience and it can be easy to forget the essentials, so we have put together a checklist for our customers who are moving out of an A2Dominion property.

How can I get ready to move?

Here are some things you can do to get ready for your move.

Important things to remember

  • Let all your utility suppliers know that you're moving, such as gas, electricity, phone, TV and broadband suppliers
  • Let your local council know that you're moving and when so they can make amendments to your council tax bill
  • Let your bank(s) and any other companies you have financial products with know that you're moving - you can normally do this online
  • Let your insurance provider(s) know that you will be moving
  • Arrange for Royal Mail to redirect your post
  • If you have any support workers that regularly visit your property, make sure to let them know your new address and when you'll be moving
  • Arrange to have your larger appliances disconnected before your moving day

Practical steps you should take

  • Get some boxes and packing materials for your belongings
  • Sort through your belongings. You can sell or donate any unwanted items that someone else might be able to use. Make sure your either recycle or properly dispose of any items that are past their best.
  • Book your movers or arrange to rent a van for your moving day
  • Get any plants you want to take with you ready to move
  • Let your friends and family know your new address
  • Find out how you and your household can most easily get to your new property. Don't forget to include your pets too!
  • If you can, find out what size of curtains you'll need in your new home and check the doorways are wide enough to move your furniture in
  • Pack a box of essentials that you can unpack as soon as your belongings are moved so you can settle in comfortably - things like a kettle and teabags

What do I need to remember on moving day?

The day you are moving house is very busy and can get stressful, so it's easy to forget things. Here are the important things to remember on your moving day.

  • Make sure to check all the rooms in the place you are leaving to make sure you haven't left anything behind
  • Return your keys to A2Dominion and collect the keys for your new property
  • Take the final meter readings at the place you are leaving
  • Take a meter reading at your new property - make sure to note these down as you'll need to give them to your utility suppliers
  • Reconnect the appliances in your new property
  • If you're not familiar with your new area, get a map of the local area or take a look at the maps app on your phone to see what's nearby

What should I do after moving day?

Now that you're all moved in, it's time to get settled in to your new community. Don't forget to:

  • If you haven't already, update your address with all the essential everyday services you use, including your bank, insurance companies, any other financial services you use, the DVLA and your mobile phone supplier
  • If you use the pay functions on your phone, such as Apple Pay or Android Pay, make sure you have updated your address
  • Let your GP know you have moved. You may need to register at a new GP if you've moved out of the catchment area of your previous practice.
  • Let your employer know your new address
  • If you have children, let the school know your new address
  • If you claim any benefits, make sure to let the appropriate department know your new address
  • Get to know your neighbours in the local area - make sure to say hello and introduce yourself so they know you've moved in

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