We want you to be proud of your home and will do our best to ensure that it’s safe and in good repair. If something in or around your home needs repairing, check if the repair is our responsibility or yours. Then, if the repair is our responsibility, you can: 

For emergency repairs, call us on 0800 432 0077 

You will be given the next available appointment slot that we have to carry out the repair. Please bear in mind that some larger repairs may need several visits, especially if we need to redecorate. 

If you are a student and something in your room or the communal areas needs repairing, contact your A2Dominion accommodation office. 

If you are concerned about anything in shared areas, please let us know too. Tell us about issues such as: 

  • Littering 
  • Pests 
  • Tree maintenance 
  • Rubbish bins 
  • Graffiti 
  • Boundary fences or walls 
  • Hard-standing, paths or roads 
  • Lights not working 

When will my repair be completed?


  • Attend to emergency repairs within 4 hours, ensuring we make safe.
  • Carry out urgent repairs within 24 hours. These are repairs that are deemed necessary to avoid the risk of injury to people, or damage to buildings and property. 
  • Carry out routine repairs within 20 working days. 
  • Carry out planned and packaged repairs within 90 calendar days. These are repairs which are either more complex, or of a much lower priority.

Find out how you can track your repair.

For further information, please see our responsive repairs policy