We’ve introduced a new system that allows you to track your repair with us and contact your operative directly.

Partnering with Mears, the web-based app is called MCM Live.

When you book a repair, you’ll be sent a confirmation text message. This will include a link to the Mears MCM Live site (there’s no need to download anything). This allows you to interact with us using text messages to help you manage your repair appointments easily.

What can I do on MCM Live?

  • Add your appointment to your phone diary
  • Upload photos relating to your repair
  • Reschedule your appointment date/time
  • See where your operative is on a live map with the time they are due to arrive
  • See the name and photo of your operative before they arrive
  • Send and receive messages directly to your operative

How do I unsubscribe from this service?

All customers who have a mobile phone number registered with us will receive a link to MCM Live when a repair is booked. You can follow that link and choose the option to unsubscribe.