We work out the cost of shares based on the current value of your home.

For example, if your home is valued at £350,000 and you want to buy another 25% share, the cost would be 25% of £350,000 = £87,500.

If you've made improvements that have added value to your home and have been approved by A2Dominion you may have to pay less.

Other costs

Other costs you'll need to pay are:

  • The cost of the valuation
  • Your solicitor's fees

You may also have to pay:

  • Stamp duty costs if you'll own more than 80% of your home after you've bought more shares
  • Mortgage arrangement fees if you're extending your mortgage to pay for the shares

If you're buying enough shares to own 100% of the property, you won't have to pay rent any more. You may still have to pay service charges and ground rent though.