Improvements or alterations you make to your home can affect how much you pay to buy more shares in it.

If you've spent money on improving your home, we'll consider the value the improvements have added to your home when we work out the cost of buying more shares.

The type of improvements that can make a difference are:

  • Installing double glazing or central heating
  • Putting in a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Installing central heating
  • Doing a loft conversion
  • Adding a conservatory

If you've made improvements like these, we consider 2 valuation reports when we work out the cost of your shares. One for your home as it is now, and one for what it would've been if you hadn't altered it.

If your improvements have added value to your property, we'll use the valuation of your home without alterations to work out the cost of your shares.

It's important to remember that maintenance and decorating don't count. And that we only look at the difference your improvements make to the value of your home, we don't consider how much you spent on them.

We can also only consider alterations or improvements that we've approved. So it's important that you tell us about any changes you want to make before you start.