Keeping fire doors closed in your building can help save lives in the event of a fire. 

Our priority is to make sure that everyone living in our buildings and using our communal areas are safe and secure in the event of a fire.

Why are fire doors so important?

A fire door is a vital safety device designed to save lives and protect property. It is important that fire doors are installed correctly and kept in good condition, free from damage.

Fire doors help save lives in the event of a fire by:

  • Withstanding a fire for a period of time. This is normally between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Protecting crucial escape routes so that people can escape the building safely.
  • Automatically closing behind you to form a barrier.
  • Limiting the spread of the fire and smoke from one part of a building to another.

What can I do to make sure we are safe in our home?

  • Don’t leave a fire door wedged or propped open.
  • Never carry out any repairs or work on your fire door.
  • Keep access to fire doors clear and free from obstruction.
  • Check your front door closes safely – hold it halfway open, and check the latch catches when you let it go.
  • If a fire door doesn’t close, report it to us immediately
  • Never disconnect an automatic closer – the door will not do its job if it remains open, and it will allow the spread of smoke and fire.
  • Don’t remove kitchen or other internal fire doors.
  • If you’re fitting new carpets, make sure the door still closes smoothly – if it catches on the carpet, consider fitting rising hinges. Don’t trim the door.
  • Don’t make new openings in fire doors for cat flaps or letter boxes without seeking advice.

How do I report and issue with a fire door?

Contact us immediately if you find an issue with the fire safety doors in your building. You can also contact your local fire service for advice.