Safety restrictors

If you have window restrictors, they are there for your safety so please don’t remove them. This is a safety device which limits how far the window will open. Windows above ground floor level can be a safety hazard if left open, particularly to small children. Report any faults with your windows immediately and keep them closed until they have been repaired.

View our policy on window restrictors.

Key operated window locks

The windows in your home may have key-operated locks and the keys should be in your home. If you don’t have keys, please contact us. For your own safety please don’t leave the keys in your window locks.

Trickle vents

There may be ‘trickle’ vents above the windows. These provide ventilation to your home, so make sure you don’t cover them. If your vents are damaged, report this to our Customer Contact Centre.

Minimising risk

Do not place furniture or stored items under windows or balconies. Please make sure these areas are clear of any objects that may be used to climb on. Children and vulnerable adults are likely to be unaware of the dangers.

Requesting a repair