Here you will find answers to any questions you might have about hot water and heating systems in your home.

Why are my tariff rates changing?

Your KWH unit rate is calculated based on the wholesale gas cost, the efficiency of the heat network and operation of the equipment that generates your heat and hot water.

Your daily standing charge has been set at a rate to cover the cost of metering and billing services, and account management and operation from our billing provider (Vital Energi).

For customer that were paying for the operation and maintenance through your prepayment meter this will now be recovered through your service charge.

Can I change my heat supplier?

As your heat and hot water is generated from a central energy plant or centre within your estate you are not able to change your heat supplier. There is one bulk gas supply which A2Dominion procure new gas rates annually to achieve the most competitive rate possible.

How is heating and hot water provided to my home?

The central plant operates 24hours a day 365 days a year to ensure that heating and hot water is instantly available on demand.

A bulk gas supply provides fuel to the communal gas boilers to produce hot water. This hot water is distributed throughout the estate by well insulated pipes. Your home has a hydraulic interface unit or heat exchanger where the energy/heat from the hot water heats a plate which in turn heats your home.

How is the energy centre operated and maintained?

The energy centre in maintained and operated by Elevate Everything (formerly Silver Energy Management Services). They monitor the system 24 hours a day through a building management systems and regularly carry out servicing and maintenance work to ensure that the energy centre is operational at all times and running as efficiently as possible.

Engineers from Elevate Everything will also carry out servicing of your hydraulic interface unit every two years. They operate an emergency call out service to respond to any disruptions to the heating and hot water supply all year round including out of hours call outs. The cost of these services is charged through your service charge if you are a homeowner or through your rent if you are a tenant.

Paying for your Energy through Smart Metering & Emergency credit limit

Customers can pay for their energy through a range of options, including setting up direct debits, online payments or at a pay point station.

There is a £5 emergency credit limit available to customers if their credit runs out.

Friendly Credit periods are specified times during each day (6pm – 9am), and for the whole of some specific days (e.g. weekends, bank holidays, New Year etc) where your pre-payment meter will not stop your heat energy supply even if your credit runs out.

During the Friendly Credit period you will still be charged for your heat. When you next top up, the money will be applied to pay off the Friendly Credit first.

If the Friendly Credit period has finished and you have no regular credit remaining, your heat supply will be stopped until you purchase sufficient credit to pay for more than the Friendly Credit.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and struggling to keep your energy meter topped up, please contact us to speak to one of our team.