Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the surveys that will be taking place on our buildings.

What will happen when my building is surveyed?

The investigative survey will look at how the building was built, the materials used and whether it meets fire safety standards. These surveys will be carried out by specialist surveyors and fire engineers approved by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The surveys typically happen in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – An appropriately qualified surveyor conducts a visual inspection of the building and decides whether another more intrusive survey is required. A report is then sent to our fire safety professionals.
  • Phase 2 – A fire engineer will mark up areas of interest on photos sent from the phase 1 report, such as where cavity barriers should be located around doors and windows. The surveyor will then carry out an intrusive survey on the areas highlighted by the fire engineer.
  • Phase 3 – A detailed report is prepared by the fire engineer, highlighting any areas identified by the phase 2 survey. Where necessary, they will make recommendations on any works that need to be carried out, as well as advise of any interim risk reduction measures that are needed. This survey can involve samples of materials such as cladding being sent off for lab tests to examine its performance.

What happens after an investigative survey is done on my building?

There are several steps that we take after carrying out investigative surveys:

  1. If repair work needs to take place, we will arrange for a project team to list in detail the plan of the work needed.
  2. The plan may need to be approved by the local authority planning team.
  3. We will then follow the required process to select a contractor to undertake the work.
  4. Approved fire safety consultants will inspect the work when it is complete and issue us with formal fire safety certification.

While this work happens, we will explore all funding options available, including the Building Safety Fund (if applicable) and recovering costs from the original contractors. We will keep you up to date throughout the process.

What work needs to be done on my building?

Once we have carried out the investigations, we will work with the fire safety expert and a team of architects to draw up plans for any work that is needed. We are not able to say what work is required until we receive this information from our experts.

Can I see the construction drawings for my building and find out what cladding materials were used?

At the moment, construction documents are currently classed as confidential and may impact any funding claims so we are therefore not able to share these documents with you.

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