When our Customer Contact Centre is closed and an emergency repair is needed, we have an out-of-hours service that you can use to get in touch with us.

When is the Customer Contact Centre open?

Our Customer Contact Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Outside these hours, if you need an emergency repair, you should use our out-of-hours service.

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is:

  • A problem that must be fixed immediately before it causes serious damage to your home, or
  • A health and safety risk to you and your family

What are examples of emergency repairs?

Some of the reasons you might use our out-of-hours emergency number include when:

  • There has been a fire or structural damage
  • A lift is out of service
  • There is no running water - check with your provider first
  • You can’t access or exit your building
  • There is no lighting in communal areas
  • There is a leak in your home or in a communal area that cannot be contained

What number do I call in an emergency?

If you need an emergency repair and our Customer Contact Centre is closed, you can call our out-of-hours service on 0800 316 9880. If you call our office hours number, a pre-recorded message will also tell you our emergency number.

What if my repair isn't urgent?

If it isn’t an emergency, you can call during office hours and speak to our Customer Contact Centre. You can also use My Account to log a non-urgent repair any time.

If you contact the out-of-hours service and it is not an emergency, you'll be advised to contact us during normal office hours.

The kinds of repairs that are not urgent and can be reported during normal office hours include:

  • Containable leaks, such as a dripping tap
  • Partial loss of electricity
  • Partial loss of lighting in communal areas
  • Appliances not working
  • No heating during the warmer months (May to October)

What can't the out-of-hours service support?

Our out-of-hours service will be unable to assist you with some queries. If you are experiencing these kinds of issues outside office hours, you can use My Account to report them or call again during office hours.

These include:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Pest control
  • Criminal behaviour - you should contact the police by dialling 101 or 999 in emergencies
  • Moving home or lettings options