How can I keep my home secure?

  • Close your windows and lock your doors when you go out.
  • Only let people in if you know who they are.
  • Use a plug-in timer for lamps if you're going away.
  • Close shared entrances and exits behind you.
  • Don't leave your keys under the doormat.
  • Keep your spare door keys in a safe place or with a trusted neighbour.

You may be able to fit extra locks, alarm systems and burglar bars in your home. Just speak to us about this first if you're renting.

Plan for emergencies

It's always good to be prepared for emergencies. Here are a few things you can do to make it easier to stay calm and react quickly in an emergency:

  • Know the best way to get out of your home if there's a fire or other emergency. Discuss it with everyone in your home and have a back-up route, just in case.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers where everyone can see it. Include police, fire, ambulance, the National Gas Emergency Service and close family and friends.
  • Make copies of important documents and numbers. Like passport numbers, bank account numbers and driving licenses. Store them somewhere safe and easy to reach if you need to leave in a hurry.

Here's some more advice on what to do if there's a fire.