If something goes wrong in your home, we'll always try to sort it out as soon as possible. Sometimes things take longer than we'd like though.

So, if any of these things have happened to you, you might be able to get compensation from us:

  • We didn't carry out repairs when we said we would
  • You got poor service from us
  • You've had to move out of your home while we redevelop it
  • You can't use one of your rooms while we do major repairs
  • You've made and paid for certain improvements to your home that you got our permission to make

You must:

  • Make a claim for compensation within 20 working days of the incident
  • Give us as much information about the incident as possible when you contact our customer service team

They'll be able to find out what compensation you could get. If you owe us rent or any other money, we'll take this off before we pay out your claim.