If you're not happy with the way we've dealt with your complaint or our decision, please let us know as soon as possible.

Complaints about rent or service charges

If your original complaint was about rent, we could pass it straight to the First-tier Tribunal. This is a government body set up to decide on these types of complaints.

Complaints about supported and retirement housing

If your complaint is about our housing support services, you can complain to the Supporting People Team at your local council.

If your complaint is about a care service you get from us, you can speak to the Local Government (Social Care) Ombudsman. Call them on 0300 061 0614.

You can also report the issue to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). They won't sort out your complaint, but they will use the information when they inspect our services. Call them 03000 616 161 or email the CQC.

You can also ask us to review your complaint as we would do for any other resident. This is known as escalating it to stage 2 (see below).

All other complaints

If you are unhappy about the outcome of any other type of complaint, you can ask us to take it to stage 2 of our complaints procedure. This is where the outcome of the stage 1 complaint is reviewed. We'll then see if we could have done things differently or if we missed something.

We'll arrange for either a Head of Service, service director or a review panel to review your complaint. They'll consider how we investigated and managed your original complaint:

  • Did we follow policies and procedures correctly?
  • Were we fair?
  • Did we investigate it fully?
  • Were the actions we took to resolve it sufficient?
  • What lessons can we learn from it?

If it's reviewed by a service director, we'll let you know what they decide within 20 working days of you telling us you want to escalate your complaint.

If it's reviewed by a review panel, we'll provide their final decision as soon as possible.

A2Dominion review panels

A review panel is made up of:

  • A member of our Customer Advisory Panel
  • An A2Dominion executive director
  • An independent A2Dominion service director

You can decide if you want to come to the review panel meeting or not, and you can bring a friend or colleague with you. If you don't want to come, the panel will use any written evidence they have to reach a decision.

What if I'm still not satisfied?

If you're unhappy with our final decision, you can:

For further information, please see our: