In most homes with shared walls, you will hear sounds from your neighbours and they will hear sounds from your home. The problem comes when the sounds from your home are loud enough to stop them sleeping or hearing their own music or TV.

To avoid your neighbours complaining about you, please be thoughtful:

  • Do your washing, vacuuming and DIY during the day, after 7am but before 11pm.
  • Keep your TV, radio and music at a reasonable level and turn it down a bit more late at night. (If you can hear it clearly outside your home then it's too loud.)
  • Keep your TVs, radio and speakers away from walls you share with your neighbours.
  • Wear shoes with soft soles inside your home.
  • Try not to bang your doors.
  • Warn your neighbours when you're doing DIY, noisy repairs that could take a few days or if you're having a party.