If the noise you report is clearly unreasonable noise, we'll contact you within 48 working hours. If you make a report over a weekend or bank holiday, it may take us slightly longer.

For most noise reports we will:

  • Talk to you first. We can act fastest if you've left us a telephone number so that we can call you. If you don't have a number, we'll send you a letter or email you.
  • Ask you to talk to your neighbour if you haven't already.
  • Speak to other neighbours to understand how they are affected.
  • Talk to the person causing the noise. Often this is enough to solve the problem.

After that we may:

  • Lend you noise monitoring technology and ask you to fill out an incident diary form each time the noise happens.
  • Arrange for mediation between you and your neighbour to find a way of resolving things.
  • Work with the Environmental Health team at your local council to solve the issue. (Sometimes they're the best people to deal with it and we'll suggest you contact them immediately.)
  • Get the person causing the noise to sign an Anti-Social Behaviour Contact (ABC). Or get the parent or guardian of a young person to sign a Parenting Contract to stop the noise. Although these aren't legal documents, we can use them in court if we need to take legal action.
  • Get an injunction. This is a court order that requires someone to do, or not to do something. We need to gather evidence to apply for one.
  • Evict the person from their home. This is always a last resort and can take a very long time.

We do our best to sort out issues within 90 days and will update you every 2 weeks on what's happening with your case.