You can report noise issues to us or to your council's Environmental Health team. We often work together on resolving noise issues.

Who to report it to?

Noise from a nearby business or construction site:

Noise caused by a neighbour or someone else in the community:

What type of noise can you report?

You can report any noise that interferes with what you want to do in your own home. For example, noise that keeps you awake at night or makes it impossible to hear your own TV.

We'll do our best to help you sort out noise problems, but we can only investigate noises that are unreasonable. Just because a noise is annoying, that doesn't mean it's unreasonable though.

Reasonable noise is:

  • Children playing during the day
  • People talking
  • Toilets flushing

Unreasonable noise is:

  • Using power tools at night
  • Very loud music
  • Shouting regularly
  • Dogs barking all day

So please, before you report a noisy neighbour, ask yourself:

  • Is it a reasonable noise at a reasonable time (between 7am and 11pm)?
  • Does my neighbour know it's causing me a problem?
  • Could I talk to them about it?
  • Do I make noises that make my neighbours think I don’t mind theirs?

How to report a noise issue to us

  • Go to My Account and use the issue report form.
  • Call 0800 432 0077 during office hours.

Please don’t email your Neighbourhood Officer directly. If they're away, this could delay us helping you.

When you report a noise issue, we'll ask you if you’ve spoken to your neighbour about it. If you haven't, we'll usually ask you to talk to them as a first step.