If your neighbours' noise is keeping you up at night and making it hard to enjoy living in your home, talk to them or write them a note. They might not know what you can hear in your home and may not be aware that it's causing you a problem.

If you're afraid of them or they've threatened you, then don't talk to them. Talk to us.

You're bound to experience some noise from neighbours and others in your community from time to time. It's when these noises are very loud, happen at unusual times or go on for a long time they can become an issue.

The most common noise issues that can be sorted out between neighbours are:

  • Loud music or TVs
  • Barking dogs
  • Shouting
  • Banging doors
  • Home improvements

Things like children playing or toilets flushing are everyday noises. Even though they may irritate you, they aren't a "noise nuisance". Find out what you can report as ASB.

If you find speaking to people difficult, ask your Neighbourhood Officer for advice or visit the ASB Help website for tips.

If talking to your neighbour doesn't work then tell us about it.