When you report anti-social behaviour, we'll contact you within 2 working days. If you report it over a weekend or bank holiday, it may take us slightly longer.

We do our best to sort out issues within 90 days and will update you every 2 weeks on what's happening with your case.

We can act fastest if you've left us a telephone number so that we can call you. If you don't have a number, we'll send you a letter or email you.

After speaking to you, we'll make an action plan. This outlines exactly what we have both agreed to do next. We know that anti-social behaviour affects people in different ways, so we'll always consider your experiences and the personal impact it's having on you when we make our plan of action.

Depending on the incident you've reported, we could:

  • Talk to the person causing the issue to explain the impact they're having and discuss how it could be sorted out.
  • Talk to other neighbours to understand how they are being affected.
  • Arrange for mediation between you and your neighbour to find a way of resolving things.
  • Work with the police, social services or the Environmental Health team at your local council to solve the issue.
  • Work with the person causing the problem to sign an Anti-social Behaviour Contract (ABC). Or get the parent or guardian of a young person causing issues to sign a Parenting Contract. These set out what's expected of that person. Although these aren't legal documents, they can be used in court to show that the person causing anti-social behaviour knew what was expected of them and had a chance to change their behaviour.
  • Get an injunction. This is a court order that requires someone to do, or not to do something.
  • Evict them. This is always a last resort and can take a very long time.

We need your help

Although you can report anti-social behaviour anonymously, to sort out issues as soon as possible, we need your help.

Please keep records of any incident caused by the same perpetrator. Write down the details and share them with us regularly. This information is important as it can be used to support any action we take against the person you've reported. You can:

ASB case review

If you have reported ASB and do not feel like suitable action has been taken, you can request an ASB Case Review. Find out how to request an anti-social behaviour case review.