Yes, you can report an anti-social behaviour matter without giving your name.

However, we cannot investigate anonymous reports or provide feedback and updates about them, therefore they will not be logged as a case. If you give us your details when you report an incident, we won't share your name without speaking to you about it first and we will keep your details confidential if you want us to. However, in some cases, we may have to share your details with the police and/or social services, or we would be breaking the law.

We may also have to disclose who you are if we need to get an injunction, if the person you have reported is prosecuted, or if we take other types of legal action. Whatever we do though, we'll discuss it with you first.

We keep all your information securely as required by the Data Protection Act 2018. But, in some cases, neighbours might be able to guess that you have reported the incident to us.

Report anti-social behaviour