Anti-social behaviour includes anything that harms you, your family or your community in some way. It's usually aggressive or destructive and leaves you feeling threatened, unsafe or stressed.

Examples of anti-social behaviour are:

  • Aggressive or abusive behaviour
  • Physical violence
  • Hate related incidents
  • Serious harassment or intimidation
  • Criminal behaviour
  • Excessive or loud noise, especially at night

We all have the right to enjoy life in our own way, so long as we don't harm the people living around us. Some things your neighbours do may irritate you because you would do them differently, but that doesn't mean they are unreasonable or harmful.

Examples of day-to-day activities that are NOT usually anti-social behaviour:

  • Cooking smells
  • The noise of flushing toilets or walking in your own home
  • The noise of children playing, crying or arguing
  • Listening to music during reasonable hours
  • Children playing ball games
  • DIY or car repairs during reasonable hours
  • Untidy gardens or houses
  • Disagreements about parking spaces if there are no restrictions
  • Neighbours looking or staring at you

People may not even realise something they're doing is upsetting you. So, talk to your neighbour before you report anti-social behaviour.

Domestic abuse is different to anti-social behaviour. If you, your children or someone you know is being abused at home, or being harassed by, or on behalf of, a partner or ex-partner, we can help.

How do I report anti-social behaviour?